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Preventing Future Hacks

Recently we were, unfortunately, the victim of a hacker attack against our system. Now that the incidence is over, we are working hard to ensure this type of breach never happens again. Below is a quick analysis of what happened, and a synopsis of what we are and will be doing. First off, we traced […]

Wonster Words won

We are extremely excited to announce that Wonster Words had been awarded the Academic’s Choice Award in the “Smart Media” category! It’s quite an honor to for Wonster Words to be recognized alongside other quality apps such as Sago Mini World, Samsung Kids, Leo’s Pad, and many others. In particular we love this quote, “The […]

Wonster Words Reviewed by Mom Does Reviews

As we approach the holidays, Wonster Words had just received another strong review! This time the review is from Mom Does Reviews. As a homeschool parent, I know how hard it can be teaching Spelling and Phonics. I noticed that Wonster Words has a th and ph consonant blend game. Those were two consonant blends […]

Wonster Words reviewed by Fun Educational Apps

Another stellar review for Wonster Words, this time from the reviewers at Fun Educational Apps! Wonster Words provides spelling practice using many of the same strategies taught in school, including word families, sound/symbol relationships, and phonics rules. Parents will appreciate the well-organized content; children will enjoy the age appropriate learning games and activities that feature […]

Puzzingo selected as best puzzles app on iPad

Puzzingo Kids Puzzles had just been selected by App Picker as one of the best iPad apps for puzzles! Being listed next to Disney apps isn’t such bad companion. Here’s an app that is made for toddlers and young kids. The Kids Puzzles Puzzingo app is filled with kid-friendly puzzles that come with audio, interactive […]