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Wonster Words: Spelling with Phonics

Wonster Words: many words to choose from

Wonster Words: fun mini games to keep kids engaged

Wonster Words: learn 44 common phonemes, word families, and phonics

Wonster Words: silly animations reinforce word definitions

Wonster Words: new words and games every month!

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Wonsters Words: Spelling with Phonics!

Is your child learning ABC? Is your kid sounding out words with phonics? Does your kid like silly videos? If so, download FREE today!

Help your kid learn phonics and grow his vocabulary! By playing with silly letter ghosts and hilarious wonsters, Wonster Words will help your kid learn how to spell and sound out new words by learning: phonics, consonant blends, word families, diphthongs, digrahs, and more. Kids will have a blast putting together words through interactive spelling puzzles, letter hide-and-seek, and other engaging mini-games.

Once the words are completed, your child will enjoy cute animations head-lined by the lovable wonsters. These animations will further reinforce the meaning of the words that he had just learnt. Before you know it, your child will be spelling and sounding out words like a champ!

Wonster Words has won numerous awards, including Children’s Technology Review, Parent’s Choice, NAPPA, and others. It comes with many free words, along with FREE daily “words of the day”! More words are available through parent-gated in-app-purchase.


★ Help kids spell new words using phonics, word families, digraphs, and more.
★ Fun mini-games for many repeat plays
★ Silly animations that reinforce the definition of words in a fun and engaging way
★ Wonster Words encourages kids to engage and explore, with no scoring, quizzing, limits, or stress.

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My daughter absolutely loves this app. It teaches her how to spell, sound the words out, act the word out, and gives a definition.

Great phonics app for young children!