Wonster Words reviewed by Fun Educational Apps

Another stellar review for Wonster Words, this time from the reviewers at Fun Educational Apps!

Wonster Words provides spelling practice using many of the same strategies taught in school, including word families, sound/symbol relationships, and phonics rules. Parents will appreciate the well-organized content; children will enjoy the age appropriate learning games and activities that feature cute little wonsters, which are a cross between monsters, cartoon characters, and aliens.

The reviewer also pointed out something that we are busy planning & working on – and that is a way to address some of the more common special phonic rules in the English Language. For example rules like “i_e” make the “i” a long vowel. If you got suggestions for what else you would like to see from our app, please email us and let us know!

You can read the full review here “Wonster Words- Teaches Beginners the Fundamentals of Phonics, App Review

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