Wonster Words receives 4.7 star from Best Apps for Kids!

Another stellar review is in for Wonster Words: ABC, Phonics, and Spelling! This time, from the reviewers at Best Apps for Kids. Here is what they have to say.

Wonster Words is a high-quality app that is intuitively designed. Players will have no trouble understanding what to do for each game….This app does a good job of reinforcing many different phonetic elements, including word families, rhymes, consonant digraphs, dipthongs and more.

We are already trying to figure out ways to improve the app in ways suggested on the review to deal with some of the more complicated sound patterns in the English language – for example “i_e” makes a long i sound (eg. hike, spike, like). It has been a bit difficult for us to figure out how to introduce this concept in the context of a puzzle-based letter game play. But if you have ideas, please let us know! It’s something we really want to do.

Please enjoy the whole review here at Wonster Words – ABC, Phonics, and Spelling.

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