Using Wonster Words on Multiple Devices

Often times, parents have Wonster Words installed on multiple devices. So, how would you use the same Wonster Words account and subscription across devices?

Option 1: Use a Wonster Account

Step 1: Sign-up for a Wonster Account from the initial device where you made the purchase:

Note: Wonster Account is different from the AppleID/Google Account that you made the purchase from and have to be created separately.

Step 2: Sign-in from all other devices.

Here is more information about Wonster Accounts.

Option 2: Restore Purchase

You can also restore purchase to a new device, subject to the following limitations imposed by the OS (Apple/Google/Amazon):

  • Same Operating System: The most important limitation is that the device that you are restoring to is of the same operating system. That means if you subscribed to Wonster Words via an Apple iOS device (eg. iPhone, iPad), then it can only be restored to another iOS device. Similarly Google Play purchases can only be restored to another Google Play device (eg. Samsung, Nexus, etc).
  • Same Account: In addition, the devices must be tied to the same account that made the original purchase. For iOS, that means the same AppleID. For Google Android devices, that means the same Google Account.

If these conditions are met, then it’s quite easy. You just have to download Wonster Words onto the new device, and push the “Restore” link on the purchase screen.

For more information on restoring purchases, please visit How to Restore Wonster Words Purchases.

Below are some common questions we get:

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