The iPhone Mom reviews Stack ‘N Puzzles

Heather at The iPhone Mom recently reviewed Stack N Puzzles. In her review, she noted all the great interactivity and game play that Stack N Puzzles has after the puzzle has been completed.

After a location on the city map has been completed it comes to life and this is where more fun comes into play. Things in Stack’s town have a habit of catching on fire and children will need to get the firetruck to the fire. The T-Rex has a habit of escaping from the museum but luckily there’s a museum truck that can be led around the map to fetch him. These touches help the fun continue after children have completed the puzzles. When they are all done they can reset the city map and begin building the puzzles all over again. Stack ‘N Puzzles is a great mix of education and entertainment for the preschool crowd.

This is, in fact, one of the key design concept behind Stack N Puzzles – that once you are done with putting together the city using puzzles, that you should have a chance to play with it! We love how Heather really appreciated all the work we put into that. You can read the full review via the link below.

Stack N Puzzles – Kid’s Puzzle Adventures for Preschooler

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