CooliPhoneiPadApps digs Stack N Puzzle

Vic from CooliPhoneiPadApps did another terrific, and thorough review of Stack N Puzzles, and found Stack ‘N Puzzles to be…

Stack ‘N Puzzles – Kid’s Puzzle Adventure Game universal iPhone app is another hands-down entertaining, educational app from 77SPARX Studio…In this cute story, you will meet the industrious beaver named Stack who loves completing puzzles (much as beavers like building dams) in order to re-build his special city. The benefits to your child are that he or she will discover many of the facets that make up a city such as fire trucks and firemen, schools, buses and what have you! And this is all put together in vibrantly colored, interactive illustrations which will do no less than rivet your child’s attention to every detail.

We really appreciate Vic’s observations. In fact, one of the major design principles behind Stack N Puzzles is the creation of a character and a story that kids can enjoy and follow throughout the game. Much of the game game involves “helping” Stack accomplish various tasks. We wanted to mirror the way young kids have a favorite doll or teddy bear that they enjoy taking on their various adventures, while still keeping the child in control. Based on this review, I would say we have definitely accomplished the first step in our effort in that direction.

Here is the full review: Stack ‘N Puzzles – Kid’s Puzzle Adventure Game

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