An App for the road

One of my favorite studies on the adoption of iPad/iPhone at home is the “Learning: Is there an App for that?” study by the Cooney Center. As part of that study, is where do parents allow their children use an iPhone. As it turns out, roughly 60% of the respondent says that “In the Car” is one of the places where a child is most frequently using in iPhone. This is followed by “At home” at roughly 40%. While the study only covered iPhone, and the introduction of iPad will likely skew the data more for at home use, there is no question that the keeping the kids occupied while driving is one of the major reasons kids are exposed to iPhones.

With the long July Forth weekend coming up, what are you planning to give you kids to play this weekend? Is it going to be educational? Is it purely entertaining? Of course, we hope that 77CARDS and Puzzingo will be on your list!

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