Reinforcing concepts with multiple objects/contexts

One of the ways 77CARDS flashcards are different from other flashcard applications out there is the fact that for each concept (eg shapes), we present a few examples of the concept in action. So for example, for the hexagon, we would show a snowflake.We have always believed that this is a great way to show kids concepts – especially more abstract concepts such as attributes of objects, classifications, etc. Now, the latest issue of the Parenting Magazine reports on a research from the University of Iowa:

“Researchers from the University of Iowa, in Iowa City, found that 18-month-olds who were exposed to a broad variety of objects with the same name learned the new words twice as fast as the tots who played with more similar objects.”

Anecdotally, with our own kids here at 77SPARX, we have seen this effect. Especially for kids in a more multi-lingual environment, where the kids are exposed to different objects by different adults speaking different languages, we have noticed that multiple exposure (and consistent exposure) has really helped the kid with acquiring vocabulary. It is good to have research confirming this.

We knew we were onto something when we designed the 77CARDS product!

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