Introducing 77CARDS!

After months of hard work, our first products, the 77CARDS series of interactive flashcards, came out in the app store late last night! We believe 77CARDS is the best interactive flashcard series targeted at young children out there!

77CARDS came about because we needed a way to teach our own children language, and we feel that what’s available–whether online, on iPhone, or in traditional media—simply doesn’t address our needs. While traditional flashcards are sometimes maligned as too boring or static for young children, we believe that with the innate interactivity of iPhone/Android devices, the opportunity has arisen for reinventing an old and effective educational tool for the modern age. 77CARDS is our first release, and the first step in our much larger vision of creating a series of educational and fun games for our children.

Another major driver for us in creating 77CARDS is the realization that parents with something more than the “standard” needs are often not well served by quality products from major companies. The founders of 77CARDS have Mandarin-English bi-lingual households. Meanwhile, there are many others who need Spanish, Hindi, or have children with special needs. We want to make sure there are ways that all of these parents can have quality products readily available for their children as well.

This first release of 77CARDS is our first step in creating this vision. We launched four interactive flashcard decks, with beautiful graphics, great sound, and terrific voices. And we welcome you to come check them out. Also, once you download the app, try tapping around the images and see what you find!

You can find more information about 77CARDS at Or, you can find our apps in the app store at:

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