Zoopers Game Theming Ideas

We are building a lane-based combat game with lots of elements of stealth (eg cloaking, hiding units, etc) We want it to appeal to a midcore audience of male 20-45, while still having a broad appeal (eg. SuperCell games). Here are some theming ideas we are toying with. Please let me know if you think we are hitting/missing the mark.

Our target Audience:

  • 75% male, 25% female
  • Age Range
    • < 25, 25%
    • 25~34, 30%
    • 35~44, 30%
    • >45, 15%
  • Usage:
    • 2~3 play sessions a day. 5~10 matches per play session.
    • When commuting, washroom breaks, living room, in bed
  • Geo & Culture:
    • Focus on the US & English speaking market
    • Try to make sure we don’t do things that would clearly be bad ideas in Japan/China/Korea.
  • Affinities:
    • Strategy games
    • Family Friendly games (not so much scantily clad women)

Mad-max with AnimalsZooper_apolcalytic4


Post-apolcalytic Animal In the tradition of I Am Legend, AfterEarth, post zombie apolcalytic, etc Zooper_apolcalytic2


Neighborhood super villain with Animals (eg. Despicable Me, Megamind)
Neighborhood Supervillain


Spy v Spy
Spy vs Spy