Wonster Words Promo Code Redemption (iOS)

To redeem a promo code for one Credit towards one free download, please follow the direction below:

1) Tap on the “adults” button on the opening scene of the app. The app will ask you to verify that you are a parent.

Tap on "adults"

2) Tap on the title “Welcome to Wonster Words!” 5 times. Then a “Redeem Code” dialogue box should show up. Enter the code there.
Tap on title 5 times

Please Note:

  • You must have installed the free version of Wonster Words from the iOS appstore.
  • Unlike purchased content, content downloaded via a promo code redemption cannot be restored. This means that if you were to re-install Wonster Words or install Wonster Words on a new device, you would need a new promo code or pay for the content.