Choosing Quality Screen Time

Parents understandably are often concerned about excessive screen time. However, what is often more important is not just the quantity, but also the quality of the time that matters.

Quality Differences
There is a big difference between TV/Youtube’s “passive” screen time vs apps’ interactive screen time. There are further differences between apps designed for fun-only, and those designed for learning AND fun. In fact, research has shown that well-designed educational apps such as Wonster Words can increase children’s vocabulary growth by up to 20%.

Learning AND Fun
Children love to use educational apps like Wonster Words because they are stimulating and fun. While parents and teachers may have difficulty getting children to pay attention, they rarely have difficulty motivating children to use smart devices. Using educational apps is a great way to reinforce skills that kids might be developing, or promote interest in new topics.

Preparing for the Digital Future
The world is becoming more digital, using education apps prepares children for a digital-native future. Many of the skills necessary to use apps are the same abilities they will need in tomorrow’s school and work places.

Individualized Learning
Kids learn in different ways. Some are more visual learners, while others may rely on auditory cues or other senses. An app like Wonster Words can appeal to many different types of learners. Additionally, children can go at their own pace rather than have to follow a predetermined pace. Having the opportunity to learn without a teacher or parent’s direct influence encourages kids to value independent study.

Use in Academic Setting
Education researcher Maya Louch also found that school-age students who used iPad apps as part of their learning curriculum improved their performance on a national assessment of Common Core domains.

As parents, you control your child’s access to screen time. So, make the smart choice for quality!

“My kids wants to play Wonster over watching the Nick Jr app.  That is a success in my book.” ~Kevin, Dad