Wonster Literacy Stages

Over the last few years, we have worked with public and private educators, homeschool teachers, and parents to develop the Wonster Literacy Stages – a progression path for learning to read.

  1. ABC – The first step in reading is to recognize the abstract ABC symbols.
  2. Basic Phonics – Next step is to understand the basic consonants and vowel sounds of the letters.
  3. Rhyming Words – Rhyming is a great way to help kids “hear” the sounds in a word context.
  4. Word Structure – Kids learn how consonant and vowel sounds come together to form words.
  5. Consonant Blends – Kids learn distinct sounds made by two consonants.
  6. Vowel Teams – Complex vowel sound made by a groups of vowels together.
  7. Digraphs –  More complicated distinct sounds made by three or more letters.
  8. R-Controlled Vowels – These are sounds where the following “r” alters the natural vowel sound.

You can help your child progress by having them work on sections of Wonster Words that focus on their skill gaps. Wonster Words also has many fun thematic sections that blend together different skills so that children can have fun while practicing reading skills.

Let’s have fun learning with the Wonsters!

“I really appreciate this game.  My daughter is 3 and it has helped me help her in many ways.  She has fun whilst learning to spell. A great app!” ~Venrika, Mom