Using Wonster Words to teach kids to spell

Parents universally love Wonster Words for the way it teaches phonics and letters to children. As children mastered the basic phonics, often parents want kids to start learning to spell words in order. Here are some of the ways parents can leverage Wonster Words to help kids learn spelling:

  • Pre-spellers: For younger kids that are still mastering their phonics, they primarily practice the phonetic sounds by placing the letters/sounds into their place in the word. For them, Wonster Words still does lightly reinforce the spelling order by repeating the letters in order after the word is completed.
  • Beginning Spellers: As children become more comfortable with spelling, we want to introduce word structures to help children start seeing patterns in words. We have a section called “CVC Words” specifically for these beginning spellers.
  • Spellers: For kids who are ready to spell, we have a (new-ish) “Spelling” section specifically for them. The words in this section tend to be longer and more complicated. Further more, words in this section require the kids to be spelled out in their letter order.

Depending on what level your child is at, by directing them to the relevant sections of Wonster Words, you can maximize the your child’s learning.