(Android) Prevent your child from accidentally exiting Wonster Words

On Android devices, you may have found that your young kids will often accidentally leave an app and get stuck. This is frustrating for both you and your child. But what can you do about it?

A big part of the problem is the phone’s soft navigation bar, which shows up when the child accidentally swipe near the edge of the device. The soft navigation bar typically has 3 buttons – Back, Home, and Close as shown below.

Of these buttons, you can disable the back button by enabling Kid Lock inside of Wonster Words. You can do so from the Setting menu inside of For Parents section.

This should help with the problem. If this solution isn’t sufficient and you would like something that locks your child into a particular app, then there are some other 3rd party apps and settings that you may need to use. Or, look into Google Play’s Parental Control settings.