About Us

77SPARX Studio is a new generation of digital toy company that uses iOS and Android devices as the platform through which to deliver novel play experiences to kids of today.

We are founded by a group of parents with young children. As the founders observed their own children learning to play with iOS, Androids, and other touch-screen mobile devices, it became obvious that these new devices could be an important part of how kids learn critical skills everything from cognitive skills, social interactions, associative abilities, to reading and math. In addition to watching video, flipping through photos, and listening to music, there is a vast new universe of ways in which these mobile devices can benefit young children. There is a whole new modality of learning and playing that has never been possible before. 77SPARX Studio was formed to bring this new world of learning and playing to reality.

At 77SPARX, we are not just another children’s toy company. While we believe that everything we do should be engaging and fun for the young children who use our products, we also believe that everything we do should support the varied learning needs of children across the globe. Whether a child is in a remote part of China, the heartland of the United States, a corner of Africa, or an European metropolis, we want to serve him or her. We also want to make our products relevant to children who may have needs that are a little different from most. We do this by following these  core tenets in the products we design:

  • Our toys will be designed with engagement and fun in mind
  • We engage and empower parents to become part of the play process
  • All of our toys would be designed to support the development and growth of the child