77CARDS – A Parents’ Choice Award Winner!

ParentsChoice77CARDS is a series of interactive flashcard decks designed for today’s new generation of smart phone mobile devices. They are the most educational and fun flashcards for teaching children, toddlers, and babies! The cards are designed to not only help kids gain critical language skills, but also to help kids learn associations, relations, numbers, and more.

77CARDS are distinguished for their voice and sound qualities. They also support multi-lingual and multi-cultural learning environments. Currently, we offer cards in English and Chinese. We are busy working on support for Spanish, French, and many other languages.

77CARDS are interactive, which means that we use sound and associated concepts to reinforce a childís learning. For example, when learning about a horse, the child not only sees images of the animal, he or she also hears what a horse sounds like. The child also learns the interesting ways horses may show up in their lives–from rocking horses to horse carriages. By reinforcing the same concept from multiple angles, 77CARDS series of toddler flashcards not only entertain but also reinforce new vocabularies.

Whether you are at home or on the road, 77CARDS will engage, entertain, and educate your kids. It is also the perfect app for parents to play with their kids in the evenings.

We have launched 77CARDS in four apps, each one targeting a different topic and language combinations: