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Grandma Ideas gives PUZZINGO 4.75 out of 5 stars had just released a review of our PUZZINGO app. DigiGram is a grandmother who is always reviewing and looking for the next great educational and fun app for her grand-kids. It’s been terrific to be able to have someone like her review and provide such great feedback on our app. Here are her conclusions […]

iHeart this App hearts PUZZINGO

Stephanie at iHeartThisApp did a wonderful review of PUZZINGO. I think the conclusion of the review pretty much sums it up: Educational Toddler Puzzle by 77SPARX Studio is a great educational and entertainment app for toddlers to learn about letters, numbers, animals, and more! The circus theme and interactive elements makes the app fun and […]

PUZZINGO Promo on AppAdvice

AppAdvice has done a terrific review of PUZZINGO and we are running a special promotion with them! To win a FREE copy of PUZZINGO, just visit the review to see how you can qualify. Good luck! Puzzingo Review and Promo on AppAdvice

The iPhone App Review recommends PUZZINGO!

Today The iPhone App Review just published a terrific and detailed review of PUZZINGO! It’s titled Toddler Friendly Fun Runs Rampant in Puzzingo iPhone App. PUZZINGO received a 4.5 out of 5 stars, and I think the title and concluding sentence of the reviews pretty much sums it up: Do yourself a favor and next […]