How to Restore Puzzingo Purchases

If you have previously downloaded Puzzingo and made purchases, then have to re-install Puzzingo. You can restore your previous purchases for free by following these instructions:

Once the restore is complete, you can download the puzzle pack again. If you have troubles restoring purchases, check the following:

  • Purchases made on an iOS device can only be restored on an iOS device. Similarly, purchases made on Google Play or Amazon Appstore can only be restored on another device using the same market. Unfortunately, this is a restriction by the operator of the app stores (Apple, Google, Amazon, etc), and we have no control over it.
  • If you are on a slow network, restore will sometimes time-out with an error “Nothing to Restore”. Please try re-doing the restore on a faster Wifi network. Occasionally, by waiting a while longer after getting the error message, the restore can still complete successfully.
  • For iOS devices (iPhone, iPad):
  • For Google Play Android devices:
  • For Amazon App Store:
    • Purchases made from the Amazon Appstore, even on a none-Kindle Fire devices, have to be restored from the Amazon Appstore. Similarly, the Amazon Appstore must be tied to the same Amazon account that the purchase was originally made on.
    • On the Amazon Kindle Fire, you may need to restore from the Cloud rather than from the store. Please give that a try as well. Here is some info.

If you continue to have issues, please feel free to contact us at In the email, please tell us what device the original purchase was made on, and what device you are restoring it onto. Thanks!

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