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Grandma Ideas gives PUZZINGO 4.75 out of 5 stars had just released a review of our PUZZINGO app. DigiGram is a grandmother who is always reviewing and looking for the next great educational and fun app for her grand-kids. It’s been terrific to be able to have someone like her review and provide such great feedback on our app. Here are her conclusions […]

iHeart this App hearts PUZZINGO

Stephanie at iHeartThisApp did a wonderful review of PUZZINGO. I think the conclusion of the review pretty much sums it up: Educational Toddler Puzzle by 77SPARX Studio is a great educational and entertainment app for toddlers to learn about letters, numbers, animals, and more! The circus theme and interactive elements makes the app fun and […]

PUZZINGO Promo on AppAdvice

AppAdvice has done a terrific review of PUZZINGO and we are running a special promotion with them! To win a FREE copy of PUZZINGO, just visit the review to see how you can qualify. Good luck! Puzzingo Review and Promo on AppAdvice Share :

The iPhone App Review recommends PUZZINGO!

Today The iPhone App Review just published a terrific and detailed review of PUZZINGO! It’s titled Toddler Friendly Fun Runs Rampant in Puzzingo iPhone App. PUZZINGO received a 4.5 out of 5 stars, and I think the title and concluding sentence of the reviews pretty much sums it up: Do yourself a favor and next […]

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