puzzingo-iconPUZZINGO Kids Learning Puzzles

Does your kid like puzzles? How about an educational puzzle game that is fun, interactive, vocal, and packed with animations? Puzzingo provides endless entertainment and learning to your kids! TRY IT TODAY!


puzzingo-pro-iconPUZZINGO Puzzles (Pro Edition)

You like Puzzingo, but you are a school and would like to purchase it in bulk? Or, you would like to purchase all the puzzles upfront at a discount? Then the Pro Edition is right for you. It contains all the great puzzles and games of Puzzingo Kids Puzzles Games.


stack-iconStack 'N Puzzles

Stack N Puzzles is a puzzle adventure game designed for young children. Children play with Stack the Beaver through playing series of fun, educational, interactive puzzles. The puzzles have over a hundred pieces that bring your child into Stack’s world – with museums, TRex, Fire Engine, Fire Truck, School, and much more.

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