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PUZZINGO Kids Puzzles review by The iMum

We have just received another glowing review of Puzzingo Kids Puzzles from the great folks at The iMum. They are a terrific, unbiased review site of great children’s applications. As parents ourselves, it is one of our goto sites. Here is a summary of what they have to say about Puzzingo Kids Puzzles (Pro Edition): […]

Announcing: Support Our Teachers Program!

Here at 77SPARX Studio, we believe that educational apps can be valuable tools for classroom learning. If utilized correctly, a good app can make learning easy and enjoyable for both the student and teacher. Nevertheless, while volunteering at schools, our team has noticed a lack of effective educational apps in the classroom — even when […]

Puzzingo featured by Android Headlines

Tom from Android Headlines had just written an excellent, and very thoughtful review of Puzzingo. It’s not often that we work with reviewers who pay such great attention to the details that we put in into Puzzingo – from the art to the voice acting. Incidentally, we do use a professional voice actor for all […]

Gungroo review of Puzzingo

It has been nearly 2 years and the praise for Puzzingo Kids Puzzles continue to come in. It’s great to know that Puzzingo is making an impact and appreciated. Kids learn vocabulary, cognitive skill and develop a memory. The games has taken education aspect very seriously…. A completely wonderful experience. There are no ads. There is […]

Puzzingo Puzzles for Speech Therapy

Roger Wagner, a speech pathologist, contacted us a while ago about testing our Android Puzzingo Puzzles app in his practice. He had just recently published his review! Here is an excerpt: I recommend this app to be used as a play-based game during speech language therapy as well as for home use with all preschool […]